.R.e.g.i.n.a. (gooddieyoung08) wrote in i_love_elijah_x,

17 Days until Elijahs 24th!

I made this community a long time ago and havent updated for like 5 monthes because it seemed hopeless because no one had joined But im gonna start working with it again.

In other News There showing the trailer for sin city, I cant want to see it. On 285 days 15 hours until it comes out (April 1, 2005). Im excited.

Well thats all I have right now.
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Elijah is a very beautiful man, isnt he? I looooove him.
Yesum he is
Want to join our Community? kevin is still open! tis role palying and just starting, no sin city experience needed- just a willingness to learn a little about sin city and have fun- we aren't going directly by story line.
sorry to waste your time.